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The operation of our firm is oriented by and for our clients. Our professionals have a clear vocation to achieve total client satisfaction, offering a comprehensive and efficient service that helps them to achieve their objectives.

We aim
to have and offer:

In-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs.

Accessibility and total availability for our clients.

Proactivity and diligence in the relationship with our clients.

Speed and efficiency in our service.

Personal treatment with the client.

Comprehensive tax consultancy service aimed at companies, the self-employed, entities and individuals in order to optimise the settlement of taxes, both local and state.

Preliminary study of the most appropriate legal form.
Income tax.
Non-Resident Income Tax.
Wealth Tax.
Corporate Income Tax.
Value Added Tax.
Information returns.
Advice and assistance to Inspections before the Tax Agency.
Economic-Administrative Claims.

Comprehensive labour consultancy service aimed at companies, self-employed and entities.

Payroll management, social security, contracts, settlements, etc….
Management with Social Security.
Advice and assistance to Labour Inspections.
Processing of Temporary Disability reports through the RED system.
Processing of accidents at work through Delta.
Employment Regulation Files.

Comprehensive accounting consultancy service for companies, self-employed and entities.

Official accounting according to the General Accounting Plan.
Preparation and Legalisation of Official Books.
Preparation and filing of Annual Accounts with the Mercantile Register.
Accounting statements: Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.
Preparation and updating of overdue accounts.

Incorporation of companies.
Modification of Articles of Association.
Liquidation, Merger and Demerger of Companies.
Study of the different types of companies and entities, in order to apply it to each particular case.

For any other service, we have collaboration agreements with the best professionals in each speciality.


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